Thank you to our supporters!

541 is a social enterprise that is a project of a registered Canadian Charity, Compass Point Bible Church.

Do you have an old vehicle you need to get rid of? Perhaps an old rusted car, van, truck, motorcycle, RV or boat parked in your garage that seems like it’s good for nothing? Someone in your family have a vehicle no longer being used? Then you should seriously consider the amazing difference you’d be making in the lives of Canadians all over Toronto and Southwestern Ontario by donating your car to 541 Eatery & Exchange.

541 Eatery & Exchange is very excited to announce it’s partnership with Cars 4 Cures, a Canadian car donation company that helps Canadian charities make the lives of those in need a little bit easier, including our four legged friends.  Cars 4 Cures will turn unused, damaged old cars into generous charity donations by fixing, repairing, extracting parts or scrapping the car and ultimately making a world of difference to our fellow Canadians.

They offer:

    • Fast, free pick up
    • Quick disposal of your junk vehicle
    • Donation equivalent to the value of the vehicle to 541 Eatery & Exchange
    • Tax receipt for your taxes provided by 541 Eatery & Exchange via Compass Point East Hamilton
    • All donations stay in the community in which you have donated in
    • A feel good deed whilst disposing of your junk vehicle
    • All donated vehicles are processed in an environmentally friendly manner

Cars 4 Cures continues to make a difference every day by partnering and supporting the cause at 541 Eatery & Exchange.

Check them out at or call them toll free at 1 844-584-2873