When visiting 541 you have an opportunity to purchase buttons, which others can use to help purchase a meal or drink. Now, you can purchase buttons online! Watch our button explainer video and then click below to donate!

Community of Exchange

Our regular customers take turns behind the counter to serve and welcome.  People on the margins are brought into the centre of everything we do at 541.  We see the Grace of God deepen and grow in the everyday life of people at 541 – the exchange of light where there was darkness, hope in place of despair.

We use our space, staff, volunteers, and the proceeds from food sales to facilitate numerous free educational community initiatives such as:
– Homework Club
– Kitchen Skills Training
– Barista Skills Training
– Keyboard Piano Lessons
– Eating Well Workshops
– And many more!

Volunteer & Donate

541 is a social enterprise that is a project of a registered Canadian Charity (Compass Point Bible Church). We rely on volunteer support for our daily operations.

If you would like to enquire on how you can assist financially with a donation or giving of your time, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Simply fill out the form below if you would like more information or to volunteer, and a member of our team will contact you.

If you would like to make an online donation, simply click on the button below and you will be directed to the CanadaHelps account for 541 – Compass Point Bible Church. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for your donation. All money that is donated will go straight to 541.